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Wandering France: Resources for the Curious Traveler

We hope the maps and pictures of France on this page kindle your wanderlust. France is a fabulous place to visit, and the top country in Europe for the volume of tourists it receives each year. 

Explore the Cities of France

From the capital Paris, to the Mustard capital of Burgundy Dijon, to the Roman and artistic town of Arles, there are plenty of places to visit in France. See where your favorite cities are on our map.

Have Questions About France?

A little FAQ for you on how France is configured

How Old is France?

UNESCO's oldest site is in France

How does 36,000 years old sound? This cave is older and bigger then Lascaux--and like Lascaux you can visit a replica, a very big replica.

How Big is France?

Hint: It's small, but dense with people

How do they pack all those people into an area quite a bit smaller than Texas? You don't have to travel far to see new things.

Does Paris have Neighborhoods?

Know your arrondissements!

When looking for a hotel, you probably want to know where to look, and the answer for Paris is Arrondissements. Here they are on a map.

The Marais

Need to know the hip side of Paris?

"Marais is the old Jewish Quarter, now the haunt of hipsters, gays, young people, artists, musicians, and the boho set."

Focus on The Aude Department, Cathar Country

Explore a picture-perfect corner of France named after the river Aude, featuring remote, crumbling castles and great food and wine

Map of the Aude 

Carcassonne is the prefecture of the Aude departmen in the newly formed region of the Occitanie. The walled old city and ts medieval citadel is the second most visited tourist attraction in France after the Eiffel Tower. Castelnaudary is "world capital" of the area's most famous dish, cassoulet. Lovely Limoux is known for its sparkling wine called Blanquette de Limoux, and has a fine medieval center, Rennes-le-Château  has a long history and great views of the countryside, but folks come in droves for the mystery surrounding its 19th-century priest Bérenger Saunière, the funder of the famous Tour Magdala, and his alleged discovery of a buried treasure which allowed him to spend lavishly on such projects. The Aude river runs through Quillan, considered to be one of the best situated cities in France. From here it is easy to reach the Cathar Castles to the east, marked by red boxes on the map. Just beyond are the beaches. Shouldn't you plan a vacation in the Aude?      

map of provence

Pictures of Cathar Castles

Remote castles in the Aude département of France, marked on the map

From our Blog: Tournus and the Abbey of Saint Filibert

The Burgundian beauty sits pretty on the right bank of the Saône. I don't know why people people don't beat a path to its door, especially considering the very interesting 12th century remains of Saint Philibert Abbey, which sits smack in the center of town near the train station, wedged between two towers. If that's not enough, I will mention the incredible foie gras burger, but only once.   

tournus abbey