Paris Fashion Week: Cartier

Place Vendome in the heart of the Right Bank is in the midst of a huge rebuild with both The Ritz and Napoleon’s column in process. However, for PFW, the jewellers put on a fabulous display of their most luxurious and over-the-top creations. We are talking Bulgari, Buccellati, Chanel, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, and all that jazz. I can verify that crystal healing works. After making the circuit and basking in the radiance of so many diamonds, I was energized and ready for a little something. Even Swarovski is out of my range, but one can dream, right?

Below is a sample, the merest tidbit, of the glories to follow. Please note the design for Duchess of Windsor’s gorgeous flamingo pin in the background. She was one of the great fashionistas, perhaps of all time.

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