Herbal Remedy from France - Eau de Melisse des Carmes Boyer

Here’s a chance to taste history: an herbal remedy from the 17th Century! Eau de Melisse (Melissa Water) was created in 1611. It has fourteen herbs and spices, led by melissa, sage, coriander, angelica, and yellow gentian, camomile – distilled in alcohol. [It’s an acquired taste, but you only drink a few drops in sugar water or even plain water.] Cardinal Richelieu took it for his migraines. The ladies of the court of Louis XIV carried it with them everywhere. According to its own publicity, Eau de Melisse is supposed to help with stomach aches, digestion troubles, shocks (un choc), nerves, and sudden cold (coup de froid). It’s sold at French pharmacies and on-line. Eau de Melisse’s headquarters are at 6 rue de l’Abbaye, 75006 Paris (VIth Arrondissement) reached by the St. Germain des Pres metro (great historic neighborhood). The noble Benedictine liqueur was originally created as an elixir, not just for pleasure, so Eau de Melisse is in famous company.

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Disclaimer: Of course, this site does not make any representations regarding the safety or efficacy of Eau de Melisse for any purpose. Always consult your doctor.

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