Alert! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi - Parade and Birthday Celebration August 31

It’s Ganesha’s Birthday! Every year, we celebrate the 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi, a moveable feast starting sometime in August-September. This year, the festival started August 29th and will end 10 days from now.

Ganesha is the elephant-headed remover of obstacles, god of beginnings, deva of wisdom and intellect, and patron of merchants. He is the god of letters and learning and is invoked at the start of writing sessions. He should be the god of bloggers, yes?

Ganesha loves candy. He is plump, kind, and humble. Sometimes, however, he places obstacles in the way of those who should be contained in someway.

The Temple of Sri Manickor Vinayakar Alayam in Paris leads the celebration every year. The temple is located at 17, rue Pajol, 75018 Paris. Services start in the morning and the procession will leave at 11:00 am, circulating through the neighborhood until 3 p.m. (15:00).

Check the Temple website for detail:

The streets are garlanded with red, yellow, and purple flowers, there are images, piles of coconuts, fire and light and wonderful foods. It is joyous, religious, and beautiful.

Of course, all festivals are occasions for gifts. To honor Ganesha, share sweets, lights, statues, dried fruits, and gold coins. For examples of such gifts, visit:

Thanks to the generous photographers who posted images to share, we can see a little bit of the festival and of Ganesha. The first image, if it comes through, was posted by Michel Disdero, who has a lovely website of his own.

The second image is a picture of Ganesha himself, originally uploaded by Matthieu Moy at fr.wikipedia on 6 September 2006 and is reproduced here under CC-BY-2.5.

The 18th arrondissement is a neighborhood of working people, who will not be looking at your shoes to see if they are Resort 2015.


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