Welcome to Heaven: La Cure Gourmande

In Paris at the corner of the tiny, old, and quiet rue St. Roch and the very big, very busy rue de Rivoli, there is a candy (confiserie and chocolatier) and cookie (biscuitiere) shop – otherwise, known as Heaven: La Cure Gourmande. The founder wanted to capture the quality and character of traditional French sweets. And so he did. The shop lights shine like beacons in a rainy night, warm and welcoming. The multi-lingual staff is young and enthusiastic. And the cookies, caramels, chocolates, and traditional French candies are divine. The prices are shockingly low,especially for real butter cookies. I loved the cinnamon navettes, cookies shaped like canoes, very toasted and crisp, and shaped like small canoes.

There are several other sites, but this one is a good landmark to orient yourself to the rue de Rivoli, the Louvre, etc.

Welcome to Paris.

Or, if not, you can buy Le Cure Gourmande at Amazon

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