Chateau de Fontainebleau

A mere 1500 rooms and 130 acres of gardens, Château de Fontainebleau astounds and amazes. Check the map. The huge Château is dwarfed by green.

Zoom in an out if you wish. It’s immense. Imagine its “humble beginnings” as a hunting lodge. Imagine the wealth disparity between the French and their royalty that spurred the revolution. Imagine the artists and architects, the best of their times. A visit is a history lesson for the ages.

What’s new? The restoration of the Turkish Boudoir, 7 years of it, has now resulted in an interesting glimpse into the life of Marie Antoinette, for whom it was built in 1777 by the Rousseau brothers.

“All of the originality and preciosity of the so-called Turqueries, together with their modernity, reach their full expression here: with exceptionally harmonious décor and furniture, an extraordinarily rich choice of materials and patterns borrowed from the original repertoire, not to mention the lighting effects created by the moving mirrors and transparent fabrics.”

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