Food Styling in Paris in March 2012: Paris Cookbook Fair 2012

Food Styling in Paris in March 2012

The celebrated food stylist Denise Vivaldo in Paris with a handsome "Cheese Hunk."

Why is WanderingParis writing about the Paris Cookbook Fair 2012?

Simple: because March 8 & 9 will be upon us in no time, and reservations to attend Denise Vivaldo’s food styling master class should be made as soon as possible.

Here’s the information you need, followed by an email address where you can write for more info and to reserve your spot:

Food Styling in Paris
with Denise Vivaldo
Food styling for today’s global marketplace

at the Paris Cookbook Fair 2012
Venue: Le 104, 19th Arrondissement, Paris, France

March 8 & 9, 2012
Attend any single day for $400.00 US or both days for $800.00 US

Join Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan, authors of The Food Stylist’s Handbook, for these two information-packed classes; demonstrating food styling techniques that will improve the look of your food photographs. Joining us will be special guest: author David Downie.

Thursday, March 8:
We start our class with a demonstration of styling already prepared meals. Whether frozen or refrigerated, prepared meals are increasingly popular and generate much business for food stylists and photographers. We show how to present these products in the best possible light. Moving on, we’ll discuss how to achieve fire, heat and steam. Then we demonstrate how to give shape to the formless; containing and giving definition to foods like oatmeal, yogurt, and pudding. Next, we demonstrate making and plating that most popular dinner item: a delicious-looking roasted chicken. After a short break, we move on to. To end our day, we demonstrate how to prepare and present seafood for maximum impact, how to repair damage, and how to correct color.

Friday, March 9
We begin our second day with a demonstration of getting a grilled look without a grill. We work with packaged and fresh product to make it look great with an emphasis on how to prepare and cook, how to color, how to make it look moist and hot, and how to best present it. Our next segment is a student hands-on; everyone will get a chance to build a gorgeous hamburger while learning how to prepare, color, and refresh it as needed. After returning from lunch, we demonstrate working with ice cream and other frozen desserts, and share our secrets for making perfect fake ice cream. We end our second day with another student hands-on: cheesecake, tarts, and dessert sauces.

For more information please contact Mandy Unruh at

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