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Captivating Cluny

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When you're Choupette . . .

…You can be the muse for an entire fashion line and have your own store. read more

If you're Karl Lagerfeld . . .

…You can have a passionate relationship with your cat, the beautiful and elegant Choupette. read more

Smartphone solutions for wanderers in France - Insidr!

Over the years, here at Wandering France we have tried (and failed) to find a user-friendly cell phone option – or any option. read more

Oscar Night Bling?

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Chateau de Fontainebleau

A mere 1500 rooms and 130 acres of gardens, Ch√Ęteau de Fontainebleau astounds and amazes.

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Thanksgiving? In Paris?

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How Big Is France Compared to the US?

Size and population of France compared to that of the United States of America. A map tells the tale.

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