Bonne Chandeleur or Happy Candlemas Day with Crepes

Good evening all and happy 2 February or Candlemas Day. For Christians, Candlemas commemorates the ritual presentation of Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem; for all, it also marks the halfway point of winter.

To celebrate the hope of Spring, golden sun, flowers in bud, warmth, and renewal, the French make crepes on Candlemas day. It may be sympathetic magic (golden round crepe encourages the golden round sun to return) or not. I say, gather with family and friends and feast on crepes. Savory crepes, sweet crepes, even crepes with nutella . . . whatever suits your fancy . . . and welcome Spring!

Be sure to use the best French butter, of course! Norman, Breton, or even Charentes. Doux or demi-sel and delicieux!

Have I mentioned how amazing Grand Marnier crepes are? And, how, if one is not used to drinking, one can succumb to a mild, crepe-induced euphoria? Since Grand Marnier is made with oranges, perhaps it counts as a serving of fruit.

Spring is coming.

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