Nuage - Cloud Inspired Art Exhibit in Arles

Clouds. Dreamy things. Django Reinhardt recorded 13 versions of his big hit: Nuages. Clouds in French. Art and clouds go together.

It just so happens that there’s an exhibit of art concerning clouds called Nuage in Arles, a name associated with art and a place well worth exploring for a few days. The exhibition runs from May 16 to October 31.

What was interesting is that the museum made its point with huge clouds seeming to flow from windows. As the sun set, the clouds were illuminated in the interior with a rather purple light, which gave an eeriness to the glow.

This picture was taken about a half hour early, but I felt the people in the picture more than made up for the eery glow.

The exhibit is at the Musée Réattu – 10, rue du Grand Prieuré in Arles, just down from the cute and inexpensive (for Arles) Hôtel du Musée

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