Fans! Hand Fans! A Museum devoted to Fans: Musee de l'Eventail

There’s a museum for everything in France. The Musee de l’Eventail is devoted to the fan, from the 18th century to the present. Even Karl Lagerfeld has had fans designed for him. The Fan Museum is set inside L’Atelier Huguet Musee de l’Eventail, a workshop still producing beautiful fans for wealthy collectors, fashion designers, and aristocrats. The fan exhibit itself is in one beautiful showroom, with a huge fireplace, chandeliers, and blue silk-covered walls embroidered with gold fleur-de-lys. The showroom was established in 1893. The Museum opened in 1993 in an attempt to keep the fan workshop afloat. It worked. Visitors tour the old workshop, can inspect antique fan-making equipment, and view beautiful old chests and tables with astonishing fans of every type, including modern interpretations of the form.

The lace (dentelles) fans are amazing. One took over 600 hours to make. But other fans of gold, mother-of-pearl, shell, delicate wood, silk, embroidered silk, and so on are equally lovely. There is an entire 19th century language of fans, outside the scope of this blog, but you might want to look it up. Of course, I only know about the English-speaking language of the fan. I wonder what the French language of the fan might be?

The Musee de l’Eventail is open from 2-6, Monday – Wednesday, and is closed in August. Individual admission appears to be 7 euros (different sites say different amounts) and group tours can be scheduled.

Take a virtual tour and see the most amazing fans at:

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