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Wandering France has a new page, Wandering Paris. It features the writing of Paris-based author David D. Downie.

Detail of the Eiffel Tower, photo by Alison Harris, www.alisonharris.com

To celebrate the launch and the holiday season in Paris, we’re linking to the most reliable listing of Paris holiday markets.

Our favorite seasonal markets in Paris are in the following locations:

—39 Avenue des Champs-Elysées

—The esplanade at Trocadéro

—Notre-Dame (in the Square Viviani on the Left Bank kitty corner to the cathedral)


—Place de la Nation

Click here for more information on these Paris Christmas markets

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But holiday marketing is not limited to official marketplaces. It spills across much of the city. Here’s an excerpt from an article by David D. Downie published on Gadling dot com about this phenomenon. Click on the link to read the whole story:

[…] Noel in Paris is a time for worshipping the true French cult: food and wine, la grande bouffe. It’s pagan, it’s druidical, it’s not just pre-Revolutionary, it’s possibly pre-Roman or prehistoric and thoroughly ancient Gallic, meaning totally contemporary French.

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[…] Stationed on a thousand sidewalks outside bottle shops, cheese shops, and gourmet specialty boutiques legions of svelte Parisian Santas—most in spiffy civvies without a trace of cotton beard—tempt you to taste or swill something seasonal and irresistible—and part with your precious euros.

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